Know-how and technological innovation at the service of your plexiglass projects


Not only plexiglass

The transparency and brilliance of plexiglass adds elegance and refinement to designer creations and display units for all kinds of products, from fashion to sports and mass retail.

Plexiglass or polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) is a plastic material formed by methacrylate polymers which are highly resistant to knocks, and the action of external agents, meaning they are not vulnerable to ageing and can be used infinite times. It is fully recyclable and non toxic; it is also used in healthcare and products for newborn infants. Plexiglass is an ecological, safe, solid, resistant, non-toxic and recyclable material which thanks to its superior transparency, luminosity and lightness compared to glass, is used as a veritable alternative crystal and is also referred to as acrylic crystal.

The plasticity of plexiglass means that it can be moulded and shaped to make complex shapes in a multitude of colours, transparencies and effects perfected over time on this acrylic material, resulting in elegant and precious products.

At Tecnoplex we place our know-how, our extensive experience in the plexiglass production sector, the most innovative equipment for thermoplastic materials, the chemical and physical properties of plexiglass at the service of the product you wish to create.

But there's more: we also use other materials like iron and wood, leveraging our experience and equipment to bring to life all your requests.

Fashion and design, cosmetics and beauty, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, eyewear and sports are just some of the sectors for which we have exploited the potential of plexiglass to create elegant and functional objects and exhibitors.

Our qualified and tight-knit team proposes itself as a partner for the design and development of finished products like promotional display units, totems, furnishings, protective barriers and any other objects inspired by your imagination.