Design and build Made to measure plexiglass projects

Tailor made plexiglass products

Thirty years of experience in complex processes and in-depth knowledge of plexiglass, an ecological, safe, solid, resistant, transparent, luminous and light-weight product, enables us to provide you with technical consultancy,design, prototyping and the construction of entirely tailor made plexiglass projects.

Our team of experts will analyse your ideas together with you and transform them into a unique project that will come to life through the study and design of each part and every single detail, resulting in the best tailor made project inspired by your creativity.

Our company works with plexiglass and other materials to provide a multitude of solutions: injection moulding, laser cutting, polishing, printing, screen printing and thermoforming ensure the best results, every time.

We also build the prototype of every requested project before proceeding with final build, so that you can verify the quality of our work every step of the project and ensure we fulfil all your requests and requirements.