The production Passion and experience since 1988.


All our products are created with the latest plastics processing machines.
The increasing need to combine different materials has led the company to grow into a dynamic business.

Our multifunctional devices and highly-qualified staff allow us to work with a wide range of materials, from methacrylate (Plexiglas) to PVC, from PST (polystyrene) to wood and metal.

Plastic injection moulding

Our company has expanded its area of activity to plastic injection moulding in order to provide our customers with advantageous services related to productivity, speed and accuracy.

We have combined the power and precision of the digital prototyping machines to the possibility to print 3D stereolithographies of our products. So the customer can see and touch the product before the mould is created.


We always find the ideal solution to meet the needs and satisfy the requests of all our customers and we can at any time suggest the most suitable type of printing. Silk screen printing allows us to achieve excellent results in terms of definition and colour quality.
With our PANTONE colour formation software we ensure the most reliable correspondence with the colours of this brand. In order to obtain special effects in terms of colour nuances, the products are digitally printed with a four-colour process by using machines that can reach 3×2 meters of surface and 1000dpi of definition.

Thermoforming and Edge buffing

In the thermoforming or bending phase, the material is heated until it reaches the right temperature to be moulded in the desired moulds or bending shapes.

In the edge buffing phase we improve the already excellent quality of the laser-cut edges. The results are high-quality finishes and transparent methacrylate sheets. The edges of the methacrylate sheets are trimmed with a diamond blade, which prevents the formation of the typical strips caused by other forms of cutting. The sheets are then brushed to remove further imperfections and give the product a crystal-clear appearance.