The idea We are concerned with your ideas.


Details are crucial for Tecnoplex, because we know this is what makes the difference.
We highlight, enhance your ideas, because we know how important it is for a business to stand out of the crowd.

The satisfaction of our customers means everything for us.

We work with you to find the best solutions. We strongly believe in our know-how and in the artisanal quality of the products made in Italy especially when this quality is combined with cutting-edge technologies.

We work with very important companies at national and international level.


Our professional staff has developed a solid experience in the design and production of plastic polymers over the last ten years.

After the initial briefing, we analyse and develop your project up to the tiniest detail with a selection of tailor-made customized solutions to meet your requests.


The most successful ideas take shape. We create photorealistic and highly detailed 3D models by relying on our sophisticated digital prototyping machines.

After a first feedback, we revise and condense your idea into a concept which is just created to satisfy your requests.

Interactive 3D


After a few drafts, the chosen concept is ready to be created. Tecnoplex carefully selects materials and finishes. In this phase the prototype is developed.

After several controls, tests and possible changes we are sure that the product works effectively. At this point it can be shown to the customers for the final approval before being produced.

Our experience
at your service

The process from design to production
consists of three specific phases:
designing, rendering and prototyping.