Tecnoplex was established in 1988, and it was focused in the processing of plexiglass and the creation of displays for the point of sale, always staying alert to every market need.

Today its plexiglass displays promote the excellence of Made in Italy, in the field of fashion, beauty, sport and food all over the world.


Plexiglass production

Over 30 years of experience and passion

The production cycle of Plexiglass

For the realization of products in plexiglass and other materials, we use the best technologies available for the processing of plastic materials:

- Plexiglass plastic injection molding
- Plexiglass screen printing
- Plexiglass thermoforming and polishing

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Plexiglass laser cutting

Methacrylate plates cutting

Plexiglass laser cutting

Tecnolex has multiple latest generation Plexiglass laser cutting units. The systems are equipped with a device for controlling the laser power, depending on the speed, in this way we can guarantee maximum cutting efficiency even for the thickest plates, reaching to cut methacrylate (plexiglass) plates up to 3 cm. thick.

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